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 Your questions answered (Multiplayer Edition)

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PostSubject: Your questions answered (Multiplayer Edition)   5/1/2010, 1:00 am

“Is there auto aim on multiplayer for RDR?” – received via Twitter

Like the single player game, there are three targeting modes available to choose from: Casual, Normal and Expert. Casual is full lock, Normal snaps-to-target but does not lock on, and Expert has no assist. You can configure your own personal targeting to suit your preferences in any game by using the multiplayer playlists in the menu.
For Competitive games, there are Casual playlists for all game types that are exclusively Casual targeting mode, or that allow players to mix it up and play against each other across a variety of the three targeting types.
There are also playlists for Gang Matches and Free For All games which allow players to use Normal or Expert targeting together (but not Casual).
For advanced players that prefer to strictly play against other free-aimers, Hardcore and Veteran playlists that exclusively support Expert targeting can be used for all Gang Matches and Free For All Games.
It’s also worth noting that honing your multiplayer skills with the more advanced Normal and Expert targeting styles will reward you with bonus XP to level up faster than those using Casual.

“Can we only have 16 players be in a "free roam" lobby world? I was hoping that there could be lots of real players in a single "free roam" world but either way it will be awesome.” – El_Bandido_RDR

Our goal is to ensure that Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer sits comfortably alongside the single-player game in terms of our own incredibly high standards of quality, production values and attention to detail. Red Dead's multiplayer gives players online a gigantic open world to roam around in, complete with a fully functioning ecosystem including animals to hunt and horses to ride, ambient challenges, towns full of NPCs and law enforcement… all taking place under a dynamic day/night cycle and weather system – as well as the option to dive into competitive modes at any time, all without sacrificing the detail that makes the single-player game so amazing. Trust that with 16 players all able to jump in and out of any aspect of this world at any time, Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer pushes the limits to the brink of what’s currently possible with open-world multiplayer on consoles.

“Will there be health regeneration???” – Bigdragon8me

Yes. As in the single-player game, your health will regenerate as you play multiplayer matches.

"Has the cover/aiming system been updated since Grand Theft Auto IV... mainly ability to aim out of cover without firing?" - Zack26

Yes, you can aim while in cover, which will spin you out/up to display the reticule and set your shot before firing the weapon. You will not be able to aim precisely without leaning out to fire, but you can look around while in cover in order to blindfire (with less precision) or to set up your inital aim in preparation for leaning out to take a shot.

“I wonder how the dead eye will feel in multiplayer mode?” - willspeed

We have designed it to be both fun and effective in the multiplayer modes. It doesn’t slow down time like it does in the single-player game for obvious reasons, but painting targets to take down multiple enemies can be great strategy in modes like Gold Rush, where more than one opponent is fighting over the same objective.

“R* can we enter a team multiplayer game like Grab The Bag without being in a posse?” - Byside

Yes. Creating posses in multiplayer isn’t a requirement, it just makes things easier and more fun for you and your friends, especially in Free Roam sessions where you may want to tackle some of the challenges together, like heading out to a gang hideout or looking for a hunting challenge.

“Are the posses always the same or do they change if u go off online like they’re just teams for that round?” – wyliemyster

Each time you head into Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, you will create new posses according to the players in your session. While posses are not persistent offline, if you and your friends want to always play together as a ruthless band of outlaws, we’ve made the multiplayer menu and invite system simple and easy enough to find each other online, posse up, and challenge others in Competitive matches whenever you’d like.

"How many weapons can you carry at once?" - Rodriguer2000

There is no hard limit to the amount of weapons you can carry - you can carry every weapon you pick up, and switch between weapons in a given class using the d-pad + weapon in the pause menu. In Competitive matches, different areas will have different weapon load-outs - for example, the larger area of Diez Coronas offers a sniper rifle to offset the power of the cannon and gatling gun placements. Choosing the appropriate weapon for the task, and conserving ammo for that weapon is key to effective strategy.

"Hey R* I still need to know, will we be able to swim in RDR?" - captaincabbage

As an outlaw character who's spent most of his life on horseback in the land-locked territories of the West - John Marston is not much of a swimmer. If he has to cross a body of water, transport will be provided. John has no problem wading, but if he gets too deep, he will drown.

"Can your horse jump?" - Zack26

Yes. Not only can you make your horse jump at any time, but your horse's basic intelligence enables it to vault over low objects and avoid other obstacles - like cliff edges - naturally, allowing you to focus on the business of riding and/or shooting.

“The multiplayer info so far looks awesome!!! What’s up with the shootouts that happen when you start a match? How’d you guys come up with that??” – received via Mouthoff

Throughout the development of the game, we were looking for as many classic Western moments to pack into the game as possible. The concept of a Mexican stand-off, with gunfighters suspensefully poised, looking into the eyes of their killers seemed well suited to the game and also a great way to get acquainted with the players in a match before you set about trying to kill them. Team Games start with both sides lined up in a Showdown. Free For All matches start with the Standoff with everyone in a circle. It makes it really tense with everyone pointing their gun at other players – and it is actually possible for everyone to get killed right at the start.
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Your questions answered (Multiplayer Edition)

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